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Happy February

Haha it was just yesterday when I thought to myself, “JANUARY WILL NEVER ENDDDDDD” …and it did. And now its February 26th, 2011 LOL. Unbelievable.

Anyway I have tons and tons of product reviews, all backlogged lol. There are still quite a few I haven’t taken swatch photos yet, but it will all come in due time (plus winter = less sunlight time so after class and sports it was impossible).

And the others, which I have taken pictures of, I need to find a way to adjust the lighting, which I always preferred using Photoshop but I’d prefer to not use my school’s computers lol…

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s day, a relaxing President’s day break from work or school. 🙂

How many people have kept their New Years’ Resolution up until this point? LOL If you have, excellent work! If you haven’t… well you can join thousands of other people who have failed. In my case, I didn’t make a New Years’ Resolution(s) to fail and be discouraged by. Since we are 2 days away from MARCH I will probably begin to watch my weight in order to slim down by the time summer rolls around 🙂

Anticipate more updates~

That means, yes, more Korean entertainment celebrities AND makeup.



BoA 보아 Hurricane Venus MV Nails

So BoA finally had her comeback in Korea after spending 5 long years in America and Japan. SM Etertainment’s solo extraordinaire, Kwon BoA 권보아, came back!

Besides BoA’s fine-tuned English pronunciation, she has probably been exposed to the best dancers in America during her stay… :O !

As per usual, SM Entertainment provides BoA with a wonderful wardobe with a myriad of delectable accessories… and to think, BoA is only 23 YEARS OLD! Yes, she looks much older than 23, but shes nearly on par with my lovable SNSD… LOL!

Although it has been a while since BoA came back, I just wanted to point out her nails in the music video for Hurricane Venus. I really love the glove she is wearing in the 2nd picture, it is gorgeous! I am quite jealous of the number of ear piercings BoA has but I am unlikely to get any additional ones :(.

Regardless, the camera never(?) focused on the thumb in the first picture (and even the pinkie is rather unclear here). The second utilizes a variety of styles rather than using altering the colors like in the first picture. I think there are crystals or glitter on the thumb and the 2nd finger in the second picture.

SNSD Yoona’s & Yuri’s Nails from an Oh! performance

Credits to sosiman.com 🙂

I forget when this performance took place but I noticed their interesting nails because fans were able to take high quality pictures of the girls (as always). However, since I do not have the original versions of these images, the details on the nail isn’t exactly clear.

Although I did find a close-up on Yoona’s nails

Sort of. 😦 I shall dig for photos with more details.

When I saw that Yoona’s mic had a #3 on it, I was honestly surprised. I went, “Whoa! They label SNSD’s mics with numbers on them?” and realized that they were numbered either to keep the mics as a set (maybe…not) or to know who is holding which mic, allowing the staff to according adjust audio…

Moreover, get your hands on black & white nail polish!

To emulate Yoona’s nails, you would need a white polish with a thin brush, or some other method to apply white polish in thin strokes. I’d suggest a toothpick, wooden or plastic, your choice/availability.

However, on Yuri’s 4th finger, there seems to be a grey stripe diagonally across the lower half of the nail bed, but I will confirm if the color is just an effect of the lighting of if it really IS grey. Why? Because comparing Yoona’s nails in the 1st and 2nd picture depicts a HUUUUGE difference. :0 A seemingly mauve/maroon-grey “transforms” into a midnight black…? Sigh, nail polishes are not my forte.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in #15 Taupe & Jill Stuart Jelly Eye N in Platinum Satin Swatches


Just as I had planned, I got my hands on Jill Stuart Jelly Eye N! I chose Platinum Satin which is a shimmery pink color that would work well as a quick swipe over my lids or as a base with my Jill Stuart Eyeshadow Palette!

Sorry about the smudges on the cap!

Also, I didn’t like Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Warm Beige because it blends in with my eyelid/lash-line, making my lids very reflective and not “ooh~ pretty glitter” like Jill Stuart’s eyeshadows. Besides, I bought #13 Warm Beige in the first place to emulate SNSD’s Taeyeon & Jessica and Davichi’s Kang MinKyung’s eye makeup…

Previously an ulzzang (얼짱 = 얼굴 짱! = Face “Best/Amazing/Great!”), Davichi’s Kang MinKyung (강민경)

Eyelids and Nails! Interesting of her to mix fall nail polish colors…

ㅠㅠ But this aqua cream lacked the glitter that their makeup had. Instead, Warm Beige was overly shimmery without much depth to the colors of shimmer/glitter that it contained.

(I think I will be using the desk next to my computer for swatching LOL. Pretty accurate!!! This desk was bought at Ikea a couple of years ago…haha)

But now I will try SNSD’s Run Devil Run Makeup using my new Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in #15 Taupe (:

Although her eyelids are of a different color, this is the idea I would follow.
Line my eyes, apply Urban Decay Primer Potion or NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base maybe? and apply the Aqua Cream in Taupe as the base-color and blend blend blend eyeshadows on top of it! (:

Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes in 03 Amber Glaze Photos and Swatches

Today I visited SOHO for the first time! 🙂 Although it was my first visit to this south-west part of Manhattan, my friend and I were wandering around aimlessly haha.

I managed to find Jill Stuart around 11:07am? and the door was still locked at the time so we moved on. Around lunchtime, we stopped by Sanctuary Tea and reveled in the joy of fellow Americans (in nearby restaurants) as USA scored a goal against Algeria! Wow, what an experience. I have never shared the excitement of a goal with so many people (particularly with the older crowd of 20s-40s, some drinking away but importantly, cheering)!

Regardless, as I had hoped, I purchased my first Jill Stuart product! :D♥

Sorry about the color of the packaging! In real life it is almost a rose-pink rather than this borderline-nude pink.

The material of the case surprised me. I expected a more luxe, cool-to-the-touch, metal packaging, but was rewarded with a metal-plastic casing. Compared to a tube of Chanel Rouge Coco, I expected this palette to be somewhat heavy, but was happy that it was not as big of a burden to carry.

Besides having the Jill Stuart protective film here, I used my camera’s Sunny white balance.

Here is the camera’s Cloudy white balance setting.

Hopefully these last two pictures did not totally confuse anyone, but I’ll say that the 2nd picture produces better color for all the shades in the palette except for the gold. The gold is a lot lighter in real life, not that tan-bronzey? gold color that is shown.

Here are swatches of my first Jill Stuart palette! 🙂

The texture is DIVINE as countless others before me have said, and the shimmer has such a maturity to it that it is really pleasing, haha. Overall, I am extremely ecstatic about my purchase and I am eager to get my hands on a Jill Stuart dress sometime soon!

P.S. Girls’ Generation (SNSD) also loves Jill Stuart dresses, specifically Tiffany. During Factory Girl, a reality-TV type of show that had the girls working or interning? at Elle Girl Korea. Four of them, Tiffany, Jessica, Sooyoung and Yuri flew to NYC and visited Clinique Headquarters and Jill Stuart herself! 😀 Tiffany proceeded to gush to Jill Stuart about how she (they?) LOVED Jill Stuart LOL!

BTW, there were two girls at Jill Stuart, but sometime after my friend and I approached the Jill Stuart makeup, the other employee left… Anyway, she wrapped my purchase in Jill Stuart tissue paper and sealed it with a sticker.

My SNSD Fandom Beginnings and “Plagiarism”?

I got into the SNSD fandom wayyyyy before most of you probably did.

I was on this Korean music website thing and in the upper right-hand corner, there was this MV trying to load with a white background and colorful balloons. I thought, huh, who is this? And I saw that it was Kissing you by SNSD and thought ahah! this is the SNSD that my friend at school detests because they act “way too cute for their age”.

So this guyfriend and I would sing SNSD – Girls’ Generation to her because she HATED that song with a passion (still does?)
Particularly the “Don’t tease/make fun of me because I’m young~” in the chorus and other parts of the song…

REGARDLESS! I began to pay attention to the shows they were in and listened to Kissing You to bed via my iPod Touch 🙂
And overall I just loved them for how they managed to act so cute and prettily, something I sort of envied as guys my age never treated me like that… (however, this is before I got contacts and side-swept bangs, and now I’m sort of in business? But my braces! my damn braces that were supposed to last one year are still around because I have 2 baby teeth that have not come out yet AELKFJLKDGJLSKG).

Although around this time, there was a lot of hate towards SNSD, especially Tiffany for being a bitch and Jessica, or Sica, for going out with some Super Junior members…? And even though I was wary of Tiffany until the end of Genie promotions, she must have really gone through a lot of bullshit from people who probably scolded her for not watching her mouth…
Now she is quieter, respectful of her elders and dresses more responsibly/maturely, I feel as though some of her light has dimmed but you don’t really hear her saying any weird/mean crap anymore, huh? :/

In addition, I was very wary of telling others that I was a big fan of SNSD because people were so into Wondergirls at this time. (I was too, they were my first real fandom, but they got old. Fast. And I despised them with a passion up until recently, but now I HATE the new member. She’s so quiet, her face is pancake flat and I “resemble” her. ㅠㅠ I can sing better than her, and speak better English and I’m learning French! :P)
There was also the Dream Concert incident where the other fanclubs silenced the others…? =________=
Slightly immature, but unnecessary. :/
But now, I am so proud to know how much these girls have grown mentally and slimmed down physically, and that I have been there with them the whole time. Unlike other fandoms that I eventually grow bored of, SNSD I seem to never get tired of.

Now of course I love my darling SNSD, even though I’m a girl myself… But I am not lesbo lolololol
I learn from them makeup application, hair styles, hair color, fashion tips, brands they use, etc.
They are a wealth of information. It is the same as having a friend who is a bit older than you (in my case a college friend), who tells you about the hottest things ahead of time. For instance, this college student I’m friends with is 4 years older than me. From her, I found out about limewire like, 2 years before my friends did. I learned from her about BoA (which lead to other artists and Korean entertainment!!!!111!!!1!), manga, video games like Kingdom Hearts and SuperSmashBros., flute and various other things. She was by far no role model of mine haha (as she wasn’t that great academically), but she taught me a lot of things that I was unable to learn elsewhere. In essence, yeah, she was the big sister I never had.

Overall, SNSD struck big, and SNSD is like Apple, Inc. stocks. If I had invested in them when I began to like them, I’d be so freaking rich now. From being ridiculed as acting way too young for their age to Korea’s Most Popular Girl Group, I’m glad to have been a fan for these exciting …2 years? From hiding behind Super Junior and DBSK’s influence all the way to among Korea’s best, I am so so so proud. :’)

Now, my real point?
What is this…?

Fashion label, Mothe. This is the Winter 2009 Collection.

SNSD – Run Devil Run

I’m not one who indulges in SNSD’s pain, but this, I am genuinely confused. LOL 😦
And because it is the Winter 2009 Collection, the clothes would have been made beforehand, unless…

*GASP* SNSD IS WEARING MOTHE CLOTHING? But it is very unlikely as Mothe is not very well-known, it’s a US-based brand, and …just unlikely. Regardless, I got the Winter 2009 pics from http://www.celebutantesisters.com/articles/2423


Makeup & Nails like SNSD’s Jessica or Sica (제시카)

Moving along, this is Jessica or Sica (제시카 –real name, 정수연), also from SNSD.

A fan took this picture when the group performed “Run Devil Run” at a concert on April 24th. Unfortunately, SNSD has come to the end of their 4-month long promotion that started with Oh! 😥

Regardless, her outfit is all black with accessories that incorporates studs. Her nails are a tan-caramel color? Her eyelids have a wash of neutral tan/taupe/brown colors and she is wearing a natural pink lipgloss.

Note the well-defined eyebrows and minimal blush. Perhaps a bit of contouring work going on… after all it IS SNSD, they’ve got to look great! haha

And of course, to top off her look, she is wearing strip false eyelashes haha 🙂

I would suggest any natural falsies that lengthen or darken. If you need extra volume, apply mascara, however, mascara WILL deteriorate the falsies faster than just gluing on the falsies. Also, any drugstore brand is fine but keep in mind that the glue you use will be significant for ease, comfort and lasting-power!

  1. Make Up For Ever Eyelashes $15 – 156, 105, or 106. Comes with glue.
  2. Shu Uemura False Eyelashes $16 for the singles or the really long falsies to $18-25 for the others. $50+ for the more fancier styles. These do not come with glue, and do not have as many natural styles.

TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! thank goodness!