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Happy February

Haha it was just yesterday when I thought to myself, “JANUARY WILL NEVER ENDDDDDD” …and it did. And now its February 26th, 2011 LOL. Unbelievable.

Anyway I have tons and tons of product reviews, all backlogged lol. There are still quite a few I haven’t taken swatch photos yet, but it will all come in due time (plus winter = less sunlight time so after class and sports it was impossible).

And the others, which I have taken pictures of, I need to find a way to adjust the lighting, which I always preferred using Photoshop but I’d prefer to not use my school’s computers lol…

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s day, a relaxing President’s day break from work or school. 🙂

How many people have kept their New Years’ Resolution up until this point? LOL If you have, excellent work! If you haven’t… well you can join thousands of other people who have failed. In my case, I didn’t make a New Years’ Resolution(s) to fail and be discouraged by. Since we are 2 days away from MARCH I will probably begin to watch my weight in order to slim down by the time summer rolls around 🙂

Anticipate more updates~

That means, yes, more Korean entertainment celebrities AND makeup.



I apologize…

For the lack of updates on this blog 🙂 I have tons of products, all photographed and some yet to be swatched LOL. But otherwise, I will truly be more free to blog and write about these products AT LEAST before February.

That is a promise I will fulfill. 🙂

So anticipate various product reviews covering a variety of brandssss!!!

(However, I am not too certain about my future in getting an amazing new camera, as we all can note the apparent distortion in my pictures from the Sony I have =___=)

I hope your New Year has begun on the right foot. I’m pretty sure mine hasn’t but it’s okay, I have been making fervent adjustments lately to compensate for my faults…

HELLO TO 2011!
Lastly, I hope we can stick to our New Year’s Resolutions for as long as we can! I am considering writing this down at fitango.com or something XD. No, I am not associated with them but it is best to be straightforward with my ambitions, no? Haha, in any case, my WordPress New Year’s Resolution is to blog at least ONCE a week 🙂

See you around~


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon Review, Photos, Swatches

LOL I have not posted a single thing on WordPress all of November! Sorry about that, was very busy (still am! …my lovely procrastinating self…sigh) with college applications, essays, finals and whatnot.

Therefore, I am totally backlogged on new products I have bought in the past 2 months. Lots of good things to come 🙂

So, I bought my first Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil from Ulta while picking up a replacement UDPP in Eden as my first one cracked after I dropped it from my clothing drawer. 😥

[I apologize about the bulgy-ness my pictures consist of… I am hoping to get my hands on Panasonic’s GF2 (releasing January 2011) but I will not ask my parents about it until I receive college notifications about my application. Until about March? I will continue to post horrible, fishbowl-esque pictures… yay! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

PLUS, I apologize about the relative blue-cast of these photos. These were taken around 4-5pm so the sun was beginning to set… Plus, I DO have Adobe Photoshop, but its on my desktop; this is my laptop.]

I love this particular brown shade as it reminds me of chocolate! 😀 But I did not like how it was too soft as I feared creasing and/or shifting on my eye lid. I do not appreciate the chunks of silvery glitter interspersed with the eyeliner.
Verdict: By the end of the day, I had some glitter specks below my eye. I was not pleased.

Wow its October…

Oh my… it is already October…

Summer feels like it was just the day before yesterday 😦 I miss summer… the days of relaxing without doing much of anything hehe

Sorry about the obvious LACK OF UPDATES but I lost my drive to write any posts for the blog :/ Regardless, since I have started school, my urge to write has been rejuvenated! 😀

From my last reviews to now, I’ve bought quite a few products that I will be reviewing and posting swatches of!

Besides ordering some clothes online, I’ve got a new camera tripod, the Joby Gorillapod SLR, which will be useful when I take pictures of products…

In other news, I finalllllly got my braces off sometime during the 2nd week of September LOL CAN’T REMEMBER…

Here on the East Coast, its been raining buckets, plus major temperature shifts, causing me to experience cold symptoms 😦

Hopefully everyone is healthy, safe and recharged from the lengthy summer, and I will post more product reviews/swatches and miscellaneous things as well!

MAC Stereo Rose and Happy July!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! 🙂

With my parents, I went “camping for a day” or just BBQing it up with 3 other pairs of parents………. haha

My dad is the type who doesn’t really trust others to “get the job done” so his decision to stay the night at a nearby hotel was a pleasant surprise. The hotel was still being refurnished but the campground’s owner called ahead of time to inform the hotel’s owner that we needed a place to stay, last minute.

Overall, for safety reasons, I will not include the hotel name but it is over 100 years and very vintage-y furnishing. 🙂 I was watching House at night with my mom because my dad fell asleep immediately from exhaustion.

Haha anyway, this week has been a blast as I successfully ordered Stereo Rose from the MAC In the Groove Collection online!

without flash in natural lighting

with flash

back with flash

natural lighting of the pan


I tried swatching Stereo Rose on my arm, but it REALLY did not show up well. D:

Next, I picked up my MAC 129SH (SH = shorter handle so its perfect for girls on-the-go) and applied it on my cheeks. WOW. I have a NARS Orgasm blush but holy cow, this beats Orgasm by miles. I think that the 2010 Version of Stereo Rose is more suited for warm-toned skin, which I think I have? Verdict: My skin-tone is questionable. When it is pale, anything I throw on looks great, pretty, etc. but when I tan a bit, bright or pastel colors suddenly look iffy. Not on my face, but on my legs, I see a lot of green veins so I’m thinking that my skin is warm-toned? Therefore, that may be why NARS Orgasm is a wonderful color, but just doesn’t suit me?

AHAH! Next time I’ll post a swatch comparing Stereo Rose and Orgasm. 🙂

In addition, I picked up Kate Somerville’s Exfolikate after seeing Christine from Temptalia’s enthusiasm over it. 😀 I shall review the samples that I also got from buying Exfolikate (at Neiman Marcus).

A scary green color. It is pretty gritty, but it works really well! My skin did feel a bit sensitive/irritated for the first minute or so but that’s because I failed by using it on dry skin rather than wet skin. Hehe

Cute smiley face
As usual, unexpectedly small… comparison to a standard box of Kleenex Tissues.

Oh and I got around to taking pictures of the nail polish that I’m using. OPI Pink-a-Doodle is beautiful. The color isn’t in your face and it isn’t too sheer. Just what I wanted. Theres an iridescence in the bottle that disappears when applied… similar to the new Chanel Paradoxal Nail Polish? Haha I only applied 2 coats with no top or base coat 😛 and it chipped a bit on two fingers. Last time, it didn’t chip. AT ALL, and I had it on for a little over a week?
Not the best swatch, so I’m pretty sure I’ll reswatch this in the near future because lighting wasn’t very great today. Too many shadows, but I was eager to show off my quick manicure! 🙂

Goodbye to the 1st Half of June

Wow I have come to an end of my Junior Year.

Like upperclassmen before have said, Junior Year is definitely a challenging time, yet it seems to fly by. Now that I am at the end of my time as a Junior, I seem to reflect on what I’ve done successfully and what I’ve failed.

I am at a point where deciding who shall be the teachers I use for recommendations has brought my mood down but I am anticipating Field Day, my friend’s birthday party and the end to a relatively short year.

I must admit, this year felt the shortest in comparison to freshman and sophomore year :O Very strange.

Moreover, I made a lot more friends and developed more self-esteem and confidence even if I gained more weight. From freshman year, I gained 17lbs. due to exercising (which managed to tone specific muscle groups) and by not playing these days, I lost the muscle mass which, for the most part, converted to fat 😦 Except in my legs… I think.

Now here are some of my pictures that I have taken so far 🙂

Lemonade at Houston’s

Delicious freshly squeezed orange juice


My mom, my friend, my other friend & her mom went to Houston’s to sort of celebrate my other friend’s 18th birthday. Although at school, we ate a cake and had a great time as this big group of Juniors, the 3 of us were secretly treated to an expensive and tasty meal at Houston’s haha. I hope to visit Houston’s with my friends more often next year!

BUBBA burger is so freaking amazing

Hey look, funky-shaped burgers!

Cooking; it was still sizzling but the photo made the burgers look as though they were done cooking and lolling in their own oil but they were still cooking away…

Mom threw the buns in a separate pan to become firm, crisp and browned


Supposedly a Chanel quad; found in Mom’s drawer. Will ask sometime if it is real because I looked it up online and there is no palette called,


Soon enough, I will post reviews of items in my makeup collection and new items such as my MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream in #13 which does not suit my skintone.


One, I realized that I should put a disclaimer of some sort into my wishlist posts because while they ARE wishlists of mine, they highlight what I’ve found recently that I think should be shared with those who haven’t seen it yet…

And two, so far my blog has been photos of these products from their respective websites, but now, I’ll be getting to swatching and reviewing what I have… Although we’ll have to wait until at LEAST this Saturday. Sorry for the hold-up 😐