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BoA 보아 Hurricane Venus MV Nails

So BoA finally had her comeback in Korea after spending 5 long years in America and Japan. SM Etertainment’s solo extraordinaire, Kwon BoA 권보아, came back!

Besides BoA’s fine-tuned English pronunciation, she has probably been exposed to the best dancers in America during her stay… :O !

As per usual, SM Entertainment provides BoA with a wonderful wardobe with a myriad of delectable accessories… and to think, BoA is only 23 YEARS OLD! Yes, she looks much older than 23, but shes nearly on par with my lovable SNSD… LOL!

Although it has been a while since BoA came back, I just wanted to point out her nails in the music video for Hurricane Venus. I really love the glove she is wearing in the 2nd picture, it is gorgeous! I am quite jealous of the number of ear piercings BoA has but I am unlikely to get any additional ones :(.

Regardless, the camera never(?) focused on the thumb in the first picture (and even the pinkie is rather unclear here). The second utilizes a variety of styles rather than using altering the colors like in the first picture. I think there are crystals or glitter on the thumb and the 2nd finger in the second picture.


SNSD Yoona’s & Yuri’s Nails from an Oh! performance

Credits to sosiman.com 🙂

I forget when this performance took place but I noticed their interesting nails because fans were able to take high quality pictures of the girls (as always). However, since I do not have the original versions of these images, the details on the nail isn’t exactly clear.

Although I did find a close-up on Yoona’s nails

Sort of. 😦 I shall dig for photos with more details.

When I saw that Yoona’s mic had a #3 on it, I was honestly surprised. I went, “Whoa! They label SNSD’s mics with numbers on them?” and realized that they were numbered either to keep the mics as a set (maybe…not) or to know who is holding which mic, allowing the staff to according adjust audio…

Moreover, get your hands on black & white nail polish!

To emulate Yoona’s nails, you would need a white polish with a thin brush, or some other method to apply white polish in thin strokes. I’d suggest a toothpick, wooden or plastic, your choice/availability.

However, on Yuri’s 4th finger, there seems to be a grey stripe diagonally across the lower half of the nail bed, but I will confirm if the color is just an effect of the lighting of if it really IS grey. Why? Because comparing Yoona’s nails in the 1st and 2nd picture depicts a HUUUUGE difference. :0 A seemingly mauve/maroon-grey “transforms” into a midnight black…? Sigh, nail polishes are not my forte.

Makeup & Nails like SNSD’s Jessica or Sica (제시카)

Moving along, this is Jessica or Sica (제시카 –real name, 정수연), also from SNSD.

A fan took this picture when the group performed “Run Devil Run” at a concert on April 24th. Unfortunately, SNSD has come to the end of their 4-month long promotion that started with Oh! 😥

Regardless, her outfit is all black with accessories that incorporates studs. Her nails are a tan-caramel color? Her eyelids have a wash of neutral tan/taupe/brown colors and she is wearing a natural pink lipgloss.

Note the well-defined eyebrows and minimal blush. Perhaps a bit of contouring work going on… after all it IS SNSD, they’ve got to look great! haha

And of course, to top off her look, she is wearing strip false eyelashes haha 🙂

I would suggest any natural falsies that lengthen or darken. If you need extra volume, apply mascara, however, mascara WILL deteriorate the falsies faster than just gluing on the falsies. Also, any drugstore brand is fine but keep in mind that the glue you use will be significant for ease, comfort and lasting-power!

  1. Make Up For Ever Eyelashes $15 – 156, 105, or 106. Comes with glue.
  2. Shu Uemura False Eyelashes $16 for the singles or the really long falsies to $18-25 for the others. $50+ for the more fancier styles. These do not come with glue, and do not have as many natural styles.

TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! thank goodness!