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I apologize…

For the lack of updates on this blog 🙂 I have tons of products, all photographed and some yet to be swatched LOL. But otherwise, I will truly be more free to blog and write about these products AT LEAST before February.

That is a promise I will fulfill. 🙂

So anticipate various product reviews covering a variety of brandssss!!!

(However, I am not too certain about my future in getting an amazing new camera, as we all can note the apparent distortion in my pictures from the Sony I have =___=)

I hope your New Year has begun on the right foot. I’m pretty sure mine hasn’t but it’s okay, I have been making fervent adjustments lately to compensate for my faults…

HELLO TO 2011!
Lastly, I hope we can stick to our New Year’s Resolutions for as long as we can! I am considering writing this down at fitango.com or something XD. No, I am not associated with them but it is best to be straightforward with my ambitions, no? Haha, in any case, my WordPress New Year’s Resolution is to blog at least ONCE a week 🙂

See you around~